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Spacer kit, twin carburettor - SU_BAKELITE & 953241

Spacer kit, twin carburettor - SU_BAKELITE & 953241
  • Why?
    • It reduces the temperature of the carburettors, therefore increasing power
    • Reduces the temperature of the fuel reservoirs, therefore delaying or eliminating fuel vaporisation
    • It increase the torque characteristics of the engine: longer inlet tract = higher gas velocities
  • Keeping induction temperatures low, also...
    • put louvres into the RHS of the bonnet
    • ceramic coat the exhaust manifold
    • use an airbox, sourcing air from the front of the engine bay
      • this has the additional benefit of supplying the same temperature air to both carbs, rather than running the rear carb 10º hotter than the front which causes imbalance and power loss.
  • suits
    • B18 & B20 motors
    • Stromberg & SU HS6 twin carb installations
  • Kit comprises
    • 2x 1/2" bakelite spacers
    • 8x 45mm studs
£56.50 excluding VAT

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