Technical Tips

Body & Interior

  • P1800 cabin air intake
  • Preventive maintenance, avoiding water leaks into the cabin
  •  Replacing window scraper rubbers: Amazon
  • Boot latch failure: Amazon saloon
  • to break into the boot...
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  • Replacement of Discs & Drums
  • PV544; Amazon; P1800 carburettor cars
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  • SU HS6 needles for the B18/B20
  • links for comparison software
  • Throttle Linkage
  • setting up the linkage to give full throttle
  • Dashpot Oil choice
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Engine: B20E Fuel Injection

  • Auxillary Air Slide
  • Preventive maintenance to avoid it seizing
  • Distributor vacuum "advance"
  • Disabling the "retard" device
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Engine: Carburettor'd

  • Engine oil choice
  • Older motors
  • Recently rebuilt motors
  • Oil leaks
  • Fitting neoprene crankseals
  • Camshaft change
  • Gearbox removal/refitting made easy
  • Clutch change
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Ignition & Electrical

  • Ignition timing, B18/B20 motors
  • Electronic Ignition
  • Dynamo problems & faultfinding
  • Dynamo polarity resetting
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  • Front geometry
  • Bushes
  • Road Springs
  • Shock Absorbers
  • Fitting Poly bushes
  • Suspension terms
  • Suspension bush: replacement problems
  • PV444/PV544 twin shock conversion
  • Steering Adjustment
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Propshaft Vibrations

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