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9th February 2018
Motorsport dinners
Today starts our run of dinners for February...
  • Friday: run down to St Albans to inspect a horde of Amazons - it's going to be expensive bringing them back to Suffolk, but hopefully worth the effort involved
  • Saturday 10th: Bristol, for the VOC Speed Challenge annual dinner and prizegiving - I think we picked up the Rally Trophy once more, but were tidily beaten to the overall Challenge Cup.
  • Saturday 17th: out to the HRCR annual dinner, definitely receiving no trophies, but handing out the Challenge Cup which we sponsor - it's aimed at the top driver/car that drives to/from events.
As for yesterday, the start of our youtube technical videos: front suspension rebuild on the PV544. I'm sure it'll become easier, but I can see a lot of effort will be invested to get this halfway decent - I shall announce its publication before the end of March hopefully, allowing me to get to grips with the filming, voice over and editing to produce a halfway usable instructional video.
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