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2nd February 2018
Amy's 145 progresses - rally season shaping up
Amy's 145 has now had about 20h spent on it this week, and there's now less than 10h to be done thankfully. It is always surprising how an MoT'd car can need so much work to bring it back to a driving standard that we can accept.
This is partly a corollary of our adage that any used car will necessarily have suffered less maintenance for the preceding 12m, and partly the lower expectations of garages and owners who dismiss anomalies as a necessary evil of an old car.
Anyway, it passed the MoT today, below is a list of the work that is consuming the time.

  • MoT electrics
  • Tailgate electrics: licence lights (not working at all), HRS, & wiper
  • Fit headlights with integral sidelights
  • Seal rear side glass leaks (corroded metal needs to be sorted, but for quick turnaround we'll settle for Jenolite and Sikaflex)
  • Clutch pedal height adjustment, and the pedal return spring broke also... now lovely altogether!
  • LHR dropglass chopper (original one has rotted out)
  • Fit 123 electronic distributor
  • Fit fibreglass RHF wing
  • Create tailgate lock
  • Replace radiator: the old one had no (that's "none") cooling fins, they'd all rotted away
  • Fit door mirrors
  • Replace servo (leaking badly)
  • Change all oils
  • Replace all 4 brake discs & pads
  • Fit USB power outlet
  • Sort overdrive wiring: over 2m of wiring removed, and one of the two relays, rather better now!
  • Delete towpoint iron
  • Nip up RHF wheel bearing

Amy and I have been looking ahead to the coming historic rally season.
Particularly she's keen to do the championship, so we shall be looking to do all the events if possible, although she has to miss the Ilkley Jubilee since she'll be down in South Africa visiting family, and rock climbing.
So the calendar looks vaguely like...
  • Rob & Amy, in Emma' PV544
    • Tour of Cheshire
    • North Yorks Classic
  • Simon & Rob, in the Porsche 924
    • Ilkley Jubilee
  • Amy is also out later in the season navigating...
    • Greece, on a week long event
    • Rally of the Tests, in Matthew's Amazon


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