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22nd December 2017
PV444 progress
So, our new PV444 has progressed - the long awaited quiet time at the workshop has arrived and we've put in a couple of days of good work...
  • Rear loom installed
    • Which means the headlining can now go in, which we need to schedule while all the glass and interior remains on the shelf
  • Rear wings fitted, not trivial since the captive nuts had all ripped out, and a significant section of body has been neatly replaced.
  • Rear lights sourced and rigged, it took us a while to identify the correct rear lights, which are the simple round stop/tail, however like the Americans the stop lamp doubles as the indicator which is illegal over here
    • So we bought a pair of rather lovely indicators from Holden (I think) that match the stop/tails perfectly, and go exactly where the hole for the rear badge bar went, so no extra drilling
    • Plus a pair of reflectors, which the MoT insists upon.
  • The TigerSeal arrived last night, so today we'll fit the boot seal, then assemble and fit the boot lid - that'll be the back end done.
  • Front Electrics
    • The loom is not available for the PV444, and also the B18 motor and alternator require a modified loom anyway, so I'm creating this myself.
    • Once the boot is fitted, I'll have no excuse but to finish it off
    • Already wired up...
      • Dip switch
      • Wiper switch, and washer motor
      • Fan switch: interestingly the 444 is set up for both front and rear electric fan, I would love to see how the (optional) rear fan was installed
    • Yet to create...
      • All the engine bay loom, including the fusebox
      • dashpod wiring
      • ignition wiring
      • headlight switch
Which doesn't sound much now, so I'd better get on with it!
On another musing, it occurred to us that this car does not actually require an MoT, which is crazy. We shall be MoT'ing it at our usual observant station: Spurlings.
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