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12th December 2017
Lands End to John o'Groats rally... snow & ice
There's only a couple of hours left of the LEJoG event.
In a nutshell...
  • James O'Mahoney's 120 retired after modifying the front end including the headlights
  • Peter Westcott 244 is the family interest...
    • An overconfident start for Amy: regularities superb performance, but dropped controls due to mis-copying an amendment after snow cancellations. Hugely frustrating for her.
    • They then pulled a local out of snow during a later competitive, now that's cool!
    • We haven't heard from her in the past 36hrs, no surprise as they must be exhausted by now, the last 48h of this rally are seriously tough with very little sleep - less than 10h total.
    • Results show that they're leading their class of 4, but difficult to know how they've been performing.
    • The 240 had a strange issue from rally start: running cold on the motorway, correct on the backroads: rather sounds like the 'stat is stuck open...
Addendum: end of rally
I got a text from Richard White (Silver Medal) saying that Peter & Amy finished, and had performed well on the competitives throughout - that amendment plotting mistake on Day1 was the only significant penalty that Amy incurred in the entire event, excellent work!

Now I know that there is no overall classification on this event, however looking down the figures quickly I see that even with that Day1 issue, Amy managed to come 16th overall, so I suspect she's cross and pleased in equal measure!
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