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25th August 2017
2 rally cars out to South Africa, 244 begins to look competitive
Shipment date for the Classic Safari Rally is this week, CARS should have gathered most of the entrants' vehicles by now.
The start is in Cape Town, should you find yourself at a loose end in October.

We've been building up Mike & Lorna's new PV544 for a while now, including deleting the ill thought out disc braked back axle.
They spent a few days down here in Suffolk last week: testing the car; tweaking a few items such as the driver's seat mounting; and fully loading the car. They then drove it down to CARS last Friday.

As for Hans' Amazon, it arrived back from its Japanese rally 10 days ago, and was collected 7 days later by the CARS transporter - a very fast turnaround indeed!
The big task was to sort out the rear wheel bearings, which had failed and were suffering far too much endfloat, otherwise it was largely routine service, plus a few modifications that Hans and his daughter/navigator needed.

This week is a bit of R&R, sorting out some tasks that have been waiting for redress:
  • the car trailer lighting plug replaced
  • the Anderson 22 trailer needs a fresh water flushing system for the 4 hubs, this is to preserve the brakes from the seawater immersion during launch & recovery of our little yacht.
  • Sophie's Midget needs new rear srpings, however I then discovered that the front brackets had been savaged and also need replacing: Moss should be despatching them for Friday...
Peter's 244 destined for the LEJoG (Lands End to John'o'Groats) rally with Amy is now entering Phase2.
Phase1 was simply bringing it back to fully serviced condition, Phase2 is to make it ready for competing in a mid-winter rally (whilst allowing it to return to road guise).
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