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20th July 2017
PV's continue
Work on Mike's "new" PV544 has progressed nicely in the last 10 days...
  • Difficult to tie down the origins of this car, it has a B4 type radiator, yet I'm pretty sure that it was a B16 car before being converted to B18
    • There is too little space to fit a decent fanblade between the engine and the rad, so we have to tolerate the electric fan much against our better judgment.
  • That dreadful disc braked back axle has hit the scrap bin (we'll rescue the LSD out of it, for Mike to sell)
  • The rather nasty seats have been removed, and those lovely Recaros have replaced them
  • Leaving us with the final detail improvement, primarily for the navigator's peace of mind
  • Oh, and Mike reckons that his old engine is better - so I need to do a power run with the new car to compare...
Our own PV444 came back from Brian Gue's paintshop, so I've been spending the last hour each day making a little progress...
  • I've built up the engine, eschewing the 2litre conversion planned by the previous owners, preferring the true B18
  • It's going to look vaguely period in spite of that motor, since I've built a Zenith 36VN with is frying pan airfilter
    • I also dug out an early rocker cover with the central oil filler
  • 4 bits of stainless trim went on, just to make me feel good
  • New heater control valve, and sorted out the cable anchoring (which is really awkward to get at).
    The 444 had a lovely cover that enclosed the valve, but sadly this doesn't fit over the later type unit, so has been discarded as Volvo chose to do with the 544.
  • Dip switch fitted
  • Wiper mechanism and gearbox stripped down and cleaned and greased. This being the last of the 444's built it has the electric wiper rather than the vacuum operated unit.
  • Heater box fitted up.
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