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4th July 2017
PV's galore
We currently have 5 PV's in the workshop - now I suspect it has been a few decades since any garage could claim that!
  • Our PV444: just rebuilt the Zenith carb, the head has been unleaded, waiting for the bottom end to come back from our machinists
  • PV544, originally a B4 motor: converted to a B18 at some point, due out on the African Safari rally in September
  • PV544, originally a B16 motor: converted to a B18 a decade ago - Emma's car
  • PV544, genuine B18 car, being gently modified for rallying.
  • PV544, genuine B18 car, just back from the Baltic Rally and awaiting our servicing.
And, the second photo, spotted in one of the UK's powerhouses of the service sector in the city of London: Gillamor Stephens...
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