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9th June 2017
First and Last through the workshop
  • Our "new" PV444 has headed west to Brian Gue's for spraying up.
    • At the moment it's just the bare rolling shell
    • On it's return we'll hand over the panels, there's actually rather a lot of them! 4x wing, bonnet, bootlid, various smaller bits
    • First job when it gets back is to fit the wiring loom, headlining, brakes and fuel line...
  • Peter Westcott's 244 arrived, this is the first of the type built whilst the 240 was sold in Scandinavia with the B20 OHV motor - the British market got the wonderful new OHC development of the B20, in this case the B21A.
    • Purchased from Anglia Car Auctions, this car has done 60,000 miles, and feels brand new.
    • We have done the full service on it, plus all new calipers which were all seized to greater or lesser extent
    • The cambelt kit arrived today, so that will be done next week.
    • In the meantime we get to put some miles on the car, but to be honest 100 is going to be plenty - the car is just delightful.
  • Speaking of which, there is a 245 for sale in the area, I believe the owner expects 12,000 - we shall see...
Photos to follow!
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