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10th April 2017
Volvos in Yorkshire
Having done 700 miles in Emma's PV544 we can both look back on an excellent weekend of motorsport and Volvos.
The event was the Ilkley Jubilee Rally (with a "Touring Run" tagged onto the end), based just south of Harrogate.
  • The Volvos
    • 8 on the event, total of about 90 entries
      • 3x PV544 (yes, three!)
      • 2x Amazon
      • 2x 140: both a 144 and Stein Johnsen's old 142
      • 1x 360 - which was in stunning original condition, what a find!
    • spotted on the regularity
      • 2x 220 estates - who gave us a lovely cheery wave which was reciprocated.
    • We finished 27th overall, and 5th in class. Peter Williams claimed the highest Volvo spot with 20th and 1st in class.
  • The Special Tests, were superb
    • All (10?) of them were a good size
    • All of them flowed pleasingly, even with 360's thrown in.
    • Varied from parade ground cones to quarry loose surfaces.
    • And that lovely long reservoir test, with bends and cattle grids to keep the driver alert, finishing in a handbrake turn hairpin right. I recalled this finish from previous events, and already decided that we were going to have to do a 3pt turn. Sorry.
  • Regularities, also of a high standard, the speed changes being the key to a good result as they were often ticklishly quick and needed good preparation to stay in control
    • 2 of them were given with the roadbook, and so plotted the previous evening
    • The plot&bash was spot heighs - easily and quickly plotted.
      However, the sharp ones amongst us (12 navigators to be precise) spotted that .114 was in fact on a white beside the yellow. I think this became an issue as we departed at 1730 a few "queries" were landing on the organiser's desk.
      It might have been the same regularity that I instructed Emma to take the first R, which turned out to be a no through road, with a peeved lady instructing us the error of our ways.
    • One private land - always a crowd pleaser in our car
    • A huge jogularity to finish with, but somehow subtly different to the Guy Woodcock style: several biggish gaps between time/distance checks, and a lovely short bit of private land into a control.
  • Overall thoughts: a slickly organised hugely enjoyable event that is the best I can recall during the past 12m - the information (road book and handouts) were simple, unambiguous and concise - truly a very professional product. This was well worth the travel.
    And hugely sociable, we both had chats with all sorts of people that we hadn't had time to meet previously, and one marshal who boldly announced that our car "was the best looking car in the rally. I competed in one when it was new". Now that was a conversation to have continued, however we were mid-regularity.
As for Amazon Cars' Challenge for those who eschew trailers and drive to/from the event - it's going well, and is highlighting the achievements of those crews & cars that do far more than the event mileage each time they compete.
Tour of Cheshire: Ian Crammond's M-B 280SL
North Yorkshire: Stephen Owen's 911 SWB
Ilkley: Ian Crammond's M-B 280SL

  • And our worklist? Thankfully shorter than last time out (Emma points out that there is no damage to the car at all, funny how Emma driving rather than me has this effect)
    • A tendency to pre-ignition under load 2500-3300rpm, particularly as the day warmed up. I even had a sense that we got it a little at 66mph on the return home.
      I shall wind off the dizzie a couple of degrees...
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