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27th March 2017
Another 600+ miles in the PV544: North Yorkshire Classic Rally
2205 on Sunday night, over 600 miles in Emma's PV544 since Saturday, and the main fuel tank emptied 1.5 miles from home. Into the boot, onto ReserveTank, and home.

Amy navigated for me on the NY Classic: a really good 18th overall and 5th in class, with Gareth taking 16th and 4th in class - bearing in mind he had no wheel bearings 3h before scrutineering opened, you will realise what a superb result he and Shon got.

  • The rally, Regularities
    • Both Amy & I agreed that the regularities were excellent, and no Jogularity or Deliarity to be seen: ie proper navigator stuff. 
      Amy actually came 10th overall on Regularity results, with a poorly setup tripmeter (wretched drivers: shouldn't be allowed near the tripmeter should they?)
    • The final Regularity 6 was rather enjoyable plot&bash, with the navigation handed out at each TC, ie about 30s to plot and get going. I think I recall that there were 9 TC's in total, so several must have been close to the minimum 2miles apart - you can appreciate that it was pretty hectic in the navigator's office.
  • Special Tests
    • No less than 13 of them, and all of them "big" - no girly 30s test on this event!
    • They were diabolical, and I'm being literal here and thinking of what hell could be like: frustrating, irritating, infuriating.
      There were two tests that I think we enjoyed, but it's hard to remember since the organiser had set 9 other ridiculous trials that overshadowed the event.
      The first few tests I was actually pretty good on the handbrake, and getting those tight turns nicely with the back end swinging out. Later I was too unsympathetic and on a couple of occasions and subsequently dislocated the throttle rod on 3 occasions. The reason became apparent on the way home...
    • So, at around test 8 I took the decision to simply drive the tests, requiring more reversing in each test than we did on the entire Rally of the Tests 3 days.
      I even had an experienced Mini pilot complain about the ridiculousness of these tests...
    • Since you ask: I came 36th overall on test times. Not a great performance, we can all agree...
  • Volvos
    • Amazon of Gareth/Shon: 16th overall, 4th in class
    • PV544 of Rob/Amy: 18/5
    • P1800 of Phil Wood/Iain Miller: 38/3
    • Amazon of Peter Williams: sadly DNF'd, propshaft vibration
With one query in hand, I abandoned Amy in the bar and headed home - she seemed happily ensconced chewing over the event details.

Knowing that I had to pull the fuel tank out, I added 20litres of fuel on joining the A1M, and had a peak under the bonnet to see why LH bends on trailing throttle gave me a graunching feel: the RH engine mount had been destroyed - this was the result of that particularly aggressive HB turn, and the excess movement then resulted in the throttle rod dis-engaging.

The second photo is the rather lovely trumpets that we now make to improve the airflow still further in our airfilters...

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