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9th February 2017
Some projects depart
A rush of movement in the workshop over the past fortnight, as we put the final touches on some cars, and others leave "as they are"...
  • Hans' 130, our full blown Peking2Paris build, left early in the week to start its journey for its next event in Japan.
    It was in excellent company, CARS had a DB4, a 275 and a (just) post Derby Bentley. The Aston I confess that we pored over for a while, the other two were just a little too tucked away to get to.
  • Arno's PV544 was collected by Michael midweek, and should now be ensconced in its new home in Germany (or was it Austria) for its rebuild.
  • Matthew's 130 is pretty much ready to rally now, it's a car new to him and needed sorting out in several areas
    • mis-assembled bushes on the Bilsteins: all sorted
    • 3deg of caster on the RHF wheel: resolved
    • Rally timer corrupted and not behaving: replaced
    • ATB fitted, 4.10 cwp deleted and 4.88 fitted (the car has a J-Type overdrive, so it should still be driven to/from events)
    • We're just out of stock of carb linkages, once that arrives (today?) the car will be ready to deliver
  • We expected to see my wonderful 144 "Camel" on Monday for a service, but sadly the owner didn't turn up.
  • Lotus Elise in storage went to its new home
  • And a glorious Plymouth arrived in its place for storage!
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