The workshop has been at full capacity since the RAC Rally, so Emma's PV still has no exhaust back box - this is unusual for us, we usually like to have the car back in full rally readiness within a week of an event...

This blog has been neglected somewhat over the past 2 months, partly due to some timely work providing video opportunities for our YouTube channel, which then calls into question the viabiltiy of this news page: if you have an opinion please email me at, or even call 01379 388400!

So, a Jensen P18 arrived shortly after the RAC, worried about back axle noise. Yes, there was a noise increasing with speed on the coast side of the crownwheel, but typically quiet on the drive: our conclusion was that it would take more than £1000 to rebuild, and probably make no appreciable improvement. So we ended up by fitting a new set of springs, which improved the handling infinitely, and suggested Hardy Engineering if he wished for a reliable second opinion on the diff noise.

Then Ludo's Peugeot 205GTi arrived. This is a 48,000 miler series1 Pug, in good cosmetic condition (although the Webasto sunroof does what they do best: water pouring onto the driver's seat), but the maintenance had been very neglected.
We had 2 weeks to turn it around in readiness for the other big international event in the UK after the RAC: the Land's End to John'o'Groats endurance event. Make no mistake, this is a tough event particularly on the navigator: very little sleep, many miles, usually tough conditions through Wales and into Scotland.
We had a gorgeous 205 "E797 UNF" that replaced my RS2000 back in the 80's: it was, and is, such a superior car. Sadly we had to sell it since we didn't have enough storage.
The remit was...

  • Create the rally desk
  • Service the car, ready for LEJoG

So that last proviso resulted in...

  • Independent loom, fusing & relays for...
    • My beautiful navigator's desk
      - 2 clocks
      - International3 tripmeter
      - Map light
      - Plot light
    • Pair of PIAA driving lamps
    • Heater fan switch (the rheostat had died, I shall sort this out better next time)
  • Sort out
    • Courtesy light switching
    • Map light terminals
    • Rear shock absorbers replaced with Bilstein B4's (we don't want to stiffen up the rear suspension any more, hatchbacks have hard rears already due to the expected rear end loading)
    • Wheel studs & nuts fitted, in place of wheel bolts which are awful to fit in the dark, with snow or mud lying around you.
    • Fit Winter tyres on steel rims
    • Secure 2 spare wheels
    • Full engine service
    • Tailgate gas struts replaced
    • Gearshift was horrible! We've fitted new linkage throughout
  • Carl Chambers is very experienced with hotted up Pugs, and will be...
    • Replacing the cambelt, tensioner, water pump & alternator belt
    • Plus casting a quick eye over the car
  • Rob Kitchen has been providing a wealth of information from his decades of rallying a 205 - he's made life so simple for me!

And in the meantime we've built up a K-cam B18 for twin carbs, going into a customer's 220 estate in time for his planned tour of Europe...

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