We do (occasionally) go for a week without driving one of our, or a customer's, classic Volvo - but not often.

However we have just done well over 1600 miles in 8 days, and it's been a delight, in brief...

(By the way, Amy received her degree in Geophysics on Monday at Liverpool: she got a First since you ask. Proud? Okay, a little bit)

  • PV544, 1960
    • Up to Malton (W Yorkshire), competed on the White Rose, return to Suffolk
    • 700+ miles in lovely weather, and the night trip home on empty motorways
    • Faultless: although there was that rock that sheared through the rear brake pipe, but we can't blame Volvo for that now!
  • Amazon 121, 1967
    • Out to Duxford's "Flying Legends" and back to Suffolk
    • 200 miles on another hot day, lots of interest from American visitors, but the Amazon does have a trans Atlantic styling to it.
    • Michelin delaminated on the journey home, costing us 12' for the tyre change
  • 245 Estate, 1990
    • To Liverpool via Grantham, and back to Suffolk
    • 700 miles in hot weather
    • The cruise control we'd installed the previous day was brilliant, making Sophie's car into a terrific long distance car with 36mpg
    • The seats, as I've always found on 140's and 240's, are just not the perfection that the Amazon's were, and my back is complaining today - they'll come out and in will go a pair of Saab 9000 seats. Sacriligious you may say, but they're almost as good as 70's Recaro seats (from the RS Fords and SRi Vauxhalls)

There's a couple of recent videos at our YouTube channel: a series of clips from Duxford and some beautiful engines; and the Cruise Control installation.

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