• Constant's 130 Amazon is off the ramps now, after its Phase1 prep for the next Peking2Paris run
    • He'll do some UK competition in it for shakedown
    • We checked his Buttkereit engine performance, and it is identical to our own competition unit, yielding 10.6s  for the 0-100kmh on its 4.88 axle
      • This ties in with Paul Dyas' motor which he built himself using Buttkereit's KG17 camshaft, which also does 10.6s on a 4.56
      • And our own 280cam motor which also does 10.6s on the 4.56
  • Craig's 123GT is on the ramps, some minor fettling to be done.
    • We built his motor last year which he's delighted with
  • Sadly Gareth can't make the next Historic rally down in Kent, the Hughes. So I shall almost certainly go out racing our 22' sailing boat instead - in spite of my need for more practice with the Curta!
    • To which end Amy has given me a 15mile regularity route to do, she has the staff answer...
    • Also, on the topic of motorsport, Harvey (who once again set some blistering test times in his 144), gave me a video link of the Volvos on the Ilkley.

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