• Burning Men - this film features an Amazon, but sadly I'm on the Isle of Man when it comes to Suffolk
    Thankyou to Paul Shearsmith for this tip: it's his Amazon!
  • Barnaby's 220 Estate is on the ramps this month, a reasonable list of remobilisation issues that's accumulated during its time in a collection.
    • The front discs were almost worn to the drillings (the holes drilled radially on the circumference to balance the disc), about 10mm (minimum spec is 12.2mm)
    • The radiator is very dusty, always a sure sign that its cooling is well below par, so I'll replace that today
    • We'll pop in a 123 Distributor with our unleaded fuel advance curve, since the car is going to be regularly used
    • The gearbox top is horribly worn, resulting in grazed knuckles when selecting 1st and 3rd gear.
    • A nasty 1mm of end float in the back axle has been corrected
    • The rear brakes are perfect, just needed adjusting
  • Emma's PV444...
    • The front seats came back from Kevin (Cattermole, Ipswich) who had done a lovely job of fitting the new covers that we supply, at a surprisingly low price
    • So we insured, and taxed it: and gave it a quick test run on the open road
      • Developed an occasional misfire: so I fitted one our 123 Distributors which resolved it beautifully
      • Heater matrix seemed less hot than expected, so I've run some rad flush through it.
    • Then a nice run to Diss and back: about 26miles
      • The front brakes are binding a bit: I shall have to take 1mm of metal off the discs
      • Having brimmed the fuel tank there's a strange leak from the fuel tank: leaving a container beneath it resulted in a cupful overnight, so the leak is high up in the tank...
  • Tour of Cheshire last weekend
    • I met up with Gareth Hockridge and his Amazon on Friday night, successfully scrutineered, then spent Saturday working far harder than anticipated: the tripmeter randomly reading high during Regularity A, came back briefly in RegH. We managed 20th overall, which was pleasing under the circumstances.
    • Amy teamed up with Martyn Taylor in his Astra, running 5th for most of the event they finished 6th overall, on a very competitive rally with the top crews out for the start of the season.
  • Isle of Mann comes up in 10days time, I'll be out with Gareth and the Amazon again, Amy is out with Roger Tushingham and the BGT again.
  • The week after it's the North Yorkshire Classic, Amy's out on that, but not sure whether it's with me in the PV544, or Martyn and the Astra...

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