The RAC Rally of the Tests is almost upon us, Amy and I will meet up in Harrogate on Wednesday in time to meet our drivers, into the noise test and scrutineering, all things being equal we'll then sign on.

The Henchoz plan is that we have plenty of time on Thursday to head to the steam baths in town, then Betty's for high tea, before preparing ourselves for the start and evening section - it is traditional for the organiser to insert a couple of very tricky "whites" through hidden gates in the dark on the first night...

If you wish to follow us there should be regular updates at the HERO website, specifically we are...

  • Paul Dyas & Amy, Volvo Amazon, Car #30
  • Gareth Hockridge & Rob, Volvo Amazon, Car #43
  • The start is on Thursday Evening, Harrogate
    • Friday sees us close to Lincoln
    • Saturday through Wales
    • Sunday down to the finish in Bristol
  • Spectator information is also on the HERO page, near the top

As for Sunday's CMC Bonfire Targa, it was a gloriously bright and dry day on almost entirely sealed surface: our Yokohama W-Drives were definitely not the right tyres to be running on! However both Simon and I had an enjoyable outing, but sadly the fuel pump relay let go on Test 11, which also knocks out the ignition, and we failed to jury rig them; however we did in fact get a time from all the Main Time Controls, so whilst we actually came 65th out of 66 finishers (having failed to complete tests 11-15, we did in fact class as finishers - I tried to explain that this was a good thing to Simon, but I'm not sure he saw the positive side of our finish!
Simon has since discovered that many a 924 owner has stated "always carry a spare fuel pump relay", our experience of running the Porsche increases with each event!

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