Having abandoned Emma last week, as I went on a course, we've had a very productive 3 days already...

  • Mike's "old" PV has been sold, but the passenger door decided not to open from the inside
    • This transpired to be the interior handle mechanism: the 3 screws securing it to the door inner had all slackened off (missing washers)
    • Now ready for collection
  • Mike's "new" PV544 had some final titivation, including a lovely filler pipe fabricated by Demand Engineering (our local stainless specialist) which means he can fill up quickly at long last
    • His passenger door also decided to stop working, but due to the external handle: the square slot on the latch mechanism tends to wear and open out, meaning the square bar of the handle has too much slop in it to fully retract the latch. You don't need to get into the door to work around this, but simply remove the split pin that holds the handle in, then use weld to build up the square section end until it mates neatly.
  • Nathan's Amazon now has an M41J overdrive combination installed, I'm just waiting for Emma to return before taking it out on its test run
    • M41 gearbox is lovely, but the overdrive failed to do so
    • New solenoid fitted: and it now works beautifully.
    • However, the front carb jet let go on the test run, and in replacing that I spotted that someone has fitted the Stromberg filter base to the SU carbs, ie the SU's cannot work efficiently since the equalisation holes (top 2) are blanked off by the Stromberg filter base. We'll sort this out now.
  • Amy's 132 Amazon rally car has been sold, and is ready for collection
  • The P1800S is still waiting for collection after fixing its timing gear, and some other road traffic act issues.
  • And Sophie's Fiat Punto is for sale! A lovely little runaround...
    • New tyres, radiator, cambelt, water pump, fully serviced and MoT'd
    • Even the AC works! Although Fan strength 1 doesn't, the rest of the fan settings do indeed.
    • All for £700
    • Call us on 01379 388400 if you would like to buy it.

As for this weekend, we plan to sail down to Harwich and attend the International Sea Shanty Festival: not just your local Sea Shanty Festival!

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