• It's been a couple of months, but I have just uploaded a new youtube video: using the 5pt puller to remove the rear hub/drum - nice and short, but many customers lose heart when attempting to remove the drum for the first time.
  • On the topic of videos, please email me if you have a suggestion for what I should cover, on the To Do list currently is
    • PV front geometry setup (actually I have some footage, I just need to edit it into a halfway decent video)
    • Fitting the 123 dizzie - clearly this task isn't as obvious as we think

As for Volvo outings...

  • I did 600miles in Emma's PV544 last weekend, driving out to Clwyd and back. Amy & I had a good time, but a little rusty on the private land speed tests, where we did get directionally confused on one occasion, and had to reverse for a codeboard on another.
  • Emma, Sophie & I are heading up to Edinburgh for a daytrip on Saturday in the V70 D5. This is a superb engine, but neither of us can get a comfortable driving position in this car, unlike the 850 which was supremely comfortable.
  • Amy is not out in a Volvo this weekend...
    • Saturday she's driving her MX5 in the KDMC Targa Rally, immediately followed by
    • Navigating on the Colman Tyres night rally for Pete Jagger in his 205Rallye
    • ...and then heading to us in Suffolk. Daft!

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