Not Volvos, but pretty much like Historic Rallying for us: the Golden Globe is using 1970 technology for yachties to sail around the world non-stop and solo. Personally I couldn't bare my own company for 9m, however the remaining UK entry, Susie Goodall, is doing well.

The competitors are permitted to tweet a message each day, but they receive nothing beside the weekly sat call (due on Mondays), and their HF comms with the other competitors and occasionally shore stations.

Susie is currently on starboard tack, and making too much ground to the North, vaguely heading towards Angola despite being pretty much on Cape Town's latitude today; she tweeted yesterday that she was pondering whether to tack. Unlike Susie, we can go to the website and toggle in the wind (buttons at the top of the chart, fourth from left, wavy flag) and see what the wind around her is doing. Add to that picture the mid atlantic current flow which is pretty much NNW, and I would suspect that the answer is clearly to alter course onto port tack, thereby lee-bowing the current, which may set her on a course pretty a little south of Cape Town.

Great being an armchair sailor, but even if the wonderful graphics available to us on the internet are in fact a true representation, the reality for the skipper on her yacht may be very different. Also, to the south of her is the high pressure low wind area...

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