If you haven't been following the Golden Globe, let me briefly summarise...

Sailing race: round the world solo, no assistance, and only using the same kit as was available when (Sir) Robin Knox Johnston did it in 1968/9.

This means that...

  • many have chosen the Rustler 36 yacht for the task
  • sun & star sights are the navigation when out of sight of land 
  • paper charts
  • cassette tapes, if they want to listen to music

Well, you get the picture: it's historic rallying for yachts - and a whole heap more impressive than just driving from P2P or L2CT (dare I say it!). Actually, they do carry a sat phone, for the regular newsfeeds to the organiser.

It's really exciting, and Susie Goodall is currently lying 6th overall, but it's very early and civilised racing, in a month it should start looking like real tough-guy stuff. If you're bored have a look at the live feed:

My Kawasaki Z1A really is for sale now, video can be seen at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Huu0gbriLi4 

Sophie, my youngest, and I are off to Goodwood in her Midget on Thursday, meeting my friend from York Uni days who will gurgle down in his (new) Sunbeam Tiger.

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