A quick round up of the past 10days events...

  • Mike & Lorna are holding onto 3rd overall on the TransAmerican, in their "new" PV544
    • The P1800E that Darren (East Coast USA) has built is being well and truly tested - some very committed driving indeed
  • Amy is currently on the Classic Marathon in Greece, in Roger Tushingham's MGBGT, the event will finish on Sunday
    • Day1: missed a slot, finished 24th overall (out of 70)
    • Day2: risen to 14th overall
    • Day3: another very good performance to give 13th overall
    • Excellent video coverage at the HERO website, Amy's in car 36, the red BGT
  • I'm out with Simon in his Porsche924 on Saturday, on our local event the EAC
  • 3 of our vehicles are imminently going up for sale, all of which are just not getting used enough...
    • Amy's 132 road rally Amazon will be available from late September, after we've done the St Wilfrid's historic rally. The car is running just so beautifully, and proven reliable (6 events without a service!)
      Since Amy is primarily a navigator, she doesn't need an Historic; when she drives she's up against moderns in the Targas, so we shall be looking for a competitive RWD Targa Rally car - any suggestions?
    • My beloved, and extremely light, fuel injected throttle bodied 142 is up for sale now
    • My Kawasaki Z1A, which we've had since our first trip to Texas back in 1995 (I think), is also no longer doing the mileage
  • After a tale of wo that involved Amy's 145 being bashed at the LHR (not by her, I might add), we thought we would have to find another estate to get her climbing crew out to the Alps on her return from Greece. In fact Brian Huggins performed the most wonderful bit of magic coachbuilding that any of us has witnessed - I was convinced the car was a right-off, yet it was all sorted in less than a week, and it's the nicest panel on the car! However, Emma had spotted a 2 owner 245 advertised on the Hamble.
    So off we went on Friday evening, staying at the in-laws, and Saturday lunchtime saw us parting with the money for our new 245 - and I have to say it's a quieter and smoother car than our super-sexy V70D5. However, it would be so nice to have cruise control!
    • We plan to use this for our planned journey to Istanbul in 2020, I haven't told Emma but we shall then continue to Iran which I have long hankered to visit...
    • It'll then go to my little girl, Sophie, who has wanted a 245 (acutally, a 145, but will settle for this!) at a time she will be able to affford the insurance

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