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We are still trying to get one technical video published each week, however our new OS (Ubuntu 18.04) came with an updated version of OpenShot that just will not behave on our desktop, so I have had to learn how to use the Flowblade video editing suite - in fact it appears to be far superior bit of software.
However! I'm pretty sure that the rendered quality can be much higher, so I need to learn more about setting the project profiles appropriately, or is it the source video quality? If anyone out there can give me a simple idiot guide on the ideal project profile, I shall be very grateful!

We have also added a "car for sale video" : Mike & Lorna's PV544, veteran of several continental rallies including the TransAmerican and the Classic Safari...

Today is the 75th anniversary of the Dambuster raid on the Mohne, Edersee and Sorpe dams - so we've got seats booked at Woodbridge cinema to watch the film on the big screen. Now I'm too youthful to have seen this on the big screen, so the opportunity to see Lancasters at full chatter in a cinema is a lure that cannot be ignored. If you are interested, Max Hastings' book "Bomber Command" puts the raid, and the policy, into fascinating perspective - an excellent read, with his typical erudite thoroughness.
The build up to the film included a radio interview with Guy Gibson, the interviewer asking about the Flight Commander's frame of mind on this mission, the subtitles which read "inaudible" was actually clearly "Exupery": Antoine de St Exupery, besides writing "The Little Prince" and being a founder pilot of what then became Air France, dying later in the second world war, thought deeply and wrote brilliantly about being a pilot between the wars, the risk, and the excitement as he opened up the North and West Africa routes, as well as South America.

 In addition it's also Norwegian Constitution Day, and since both Emma & I thoroughly enjoyed working for the Geophysical Company of Norway (GECO) we always raise the Norske flag; along with celebrating the birthday of the CEO of Dicam: happy birthday Mark!

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