142 returns to road guise - Amazon for restoration


Well, apologies for the silence of over a month: last September's promised new website gets ever closer, I believe that we may see it within the next month...

  • I'm continuing to amass a library of videos, which are appearing on YouTube, and hopefully will become slicker as experience is gained.
    Surprisingly it's rather like competing in Hillclimb events: about 1' of action for every hour spent on site. It's not helped by me spec'ing our work computer for low level graphics and memory, since we would "never need graphics ability"...
  • 142 Stage Car has now been retired, and prep'ing up for Emma's birthday trip to Istanbul in 2020
    • Sparco seats and harnesses have gone to Martyn Taylor's Cat4 Astra
    • Rollcage is promised to Harvey Steele's Cat2 144; also the offer of 2 sets of lovely Yokohama Targa tyres
    • Inertia reels and sporty but comfortable roadcar seats installed
    • Acrylic rear "glass" all deleted: original rear side glass installed; the Camel's (our 2012 London2CapeTown 144) heated rear screen installed
    • Next?
      • Ideally fit a 4.30 crown wheel & pinion, if I can find one  - the 2.1 engine's plenty torquey enough to perform well with it; alternatively a 4.56 off the shelf - replacing the 4.88 unit
      • Perhaps remove the Type9 5speed gearbox, and revert to the M40 unit...
  • Amazon restoration project: genuine 122S with factory fitted D-Type overdrive
    We bought this in Birmingham last year, and we can now confirm that its shell is as solid as we've seen in a long time, despite the surface rust all over, the undersides are superb!
    • Wings & front panel have decayed: we would probably choose fibreglass units to replace them
    • Inner wings need replacing, but it's just the top of them that have gone so there's an excellent datum to work to.
    • The firewalls look perfect, the A-posts are immaculate, the door shuts perfect.
    • LHF door needs a lower repair panel
    • We shall get some photos together, and advertise this for sale on our website and Ebay in the coming weeks

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