Every so often we have cars that clearly have a confused history, and ideally one would rather avoid such cars: however both have very good bodywork, so one just has to make a choice.
  • PV544 on an F-plate (3y later than production finished on the PV), which has a late type "wide" rear screen, and an early B16 or B4 front panel and bonnet - I would say it probably is a late B18 PV, with an early front end and a totally inappropriate registration number
  • Amazon 121 on a C-plate, but there's clearly post-67 B20 DNA in it: the heater controls; the collapsible steering column; the bonnet sans-strake. I'm guessing it really is a C-reg B18, but with a heap of donor car fittings, including a B20 motor from a 140 series.
Our friend Darren is prep'ing a rally P1800 on the West coast of America, and has identified the Praga truck that I drove around in the Gambia: it's a V3S - so if you wish to read up about it, just Google. In fact it was produced up to 1990, now that would be a nice vehicle to find and run, although the 7litre diesel is not hugely economic, and the 60kmh max speed possible not suitable for the autobahns...

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