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Spec of Car

Items highlighted are completed, the rest is on the "ToDo" list!
  • Engine
    • B20A, +015 Mahle pistons
    • Steel timing gears
    • Ignition
      • Bosch coil
      • 123 Distributor, with Amazon Cars’ unique advance curve for modern fuel
    • Carb
      • Rebuild the single SU HS6, & a spare
      • Twin HS6’s fitted, ZH’s
      • Oil bath & paper filter?
      • Filter King regulator & filter in the engine bay
    • Alloy fuel tank above axle, 94litre capacity
      • divided into 2x47litre tanks
      • Foam filled, & FIA valves
      • Lucas filter & bowl in boot
      • Mechanical pump, & electrical in boot
      • FilterKing glassbowl regulator fitted
      • Twin fuel lines run inside the car
  • Transmission
    • K10 M40 4speed gearbox
      • remote breather created
      • CV bellows fitted to gearshift to prevent water/dust ingress
    • Late “big UJ” propshaft, balanced
    • Clutch operating arm strengthened
    • Bellhousing sealed off, except lower drain aperture
    • Alloy bush replacing rubber at top of clutch cable
    • Limited Slip Differential
  • Suspension
    • Antiroll bar deleted
    • LWB edges boxed in
    • Front poly bushes
    • Rear poly bushes
    • Uprated springs
  • Brakes
    • Standard discs all round, standard compound pads
    • Standard handbrake
    • Brake lines run inside the car
  • Electrical
    • 35A alternator
    • Varley dry cell battery
    • Tripmeter
  • Body
    • LHD car from Sweden
    • Full rollcage with harness bar
    • Underside given skids, avoiding any vertical faces at the leading edge
      • Front jacking points
      • Rear jacking points
    • Sump guard, similar to our usual design, but with an extra 6mm plate tack welded
    • Steering guard
    • Roo Bar
    • Push grips needed on outside of car
    • Foot plates on rear bumper





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Scrutineering:Brooklands, 1st January 2012
Start: Westminster (Big  Ben) 1st January 2012
Finish: Cape Town (clock tower): 30th January 2012

The Ultimate Rally Challenge
World Cup Rally 2012

No previous rally from Europe to Cape Town has kept the wheels turning throughout the length of Africa without recourse to airlifts or shipping over some part of way. The London to Cape Town Rally has a never-rallied-before route and it’s open to anyone who thinks they have what it takes to drive this 8,000 mile adventure.... against the clock.

For more details from the rally organizers http://www.londoncapetownrally.com

Malaria No More

Help for Heroes


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