13 February 2007

There's been two items in the media mentioning Amazon Cars recently, prompting a few of our regulars (and some not so regular) to call up wishing to speak to the "media star" (my, how I blushed):

  • Back in January Emma's PV and I were seen on MotorTV, lots of furrowed brow on my part whilst I struggled to tie down the 544's misfire (transpired it was indeed water in the fuel). This footage of LeJog2006 was courtesy of Mark at www.4westmedia.co.uk 

  • Similarly there is also March's edition of Octane magasine, which contains my navigator's (Eric Richardson) experience of LeJog in our PV544.

I understand from a local Saab96 driver that MotorTV's footage left the impression that we failed to finish LeJog: I must protest! We got 16th overall, and 2nd in class, and finished in good form... although the misfire sorely tried the driver/mechanic - it won't happen again.



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