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News Archive
8th November 2017
Didn't compete in the 142 - lots of workshop activity
Full Story >>
9th October 2017
Cars out of the workshop, and a German too
Full Story >>
18th September 2017
Rally Cars progress - and the 444 also
Full Story >>
25th August 2017
2 rally cars out to South Africa, 244 begins to look competitive
Full Story >>
20th  2017
PV's continue
Full Story >>
7th  2017
B20 16v engine - observations on rally cars
Full Story >>
4th  2017
PV's galore
Full Story >>
20th July 2017
Volvos competing in East Anglian Classic
Full Story >>
9th July 2017
First and Last through the workshop
Full Story >>
16th June 2017
First & Last B18 Amazons in the workshop
Full Story >>
14th June 2017
18 hours in the PV544
Full Story >>
10th April 2017
Volvos in Yorkshire
Full Story >>
5th April 2017
Quick turnaround P1800E, not so quick B16 Amazon
Full Story >>
27th March 2017
Another 600+ miles in the PV544: North Yorkshire Classic Rally
Full Story >>
20th March 2017
Isle of Man: pleasing turn out of Volvos
Full Story >>
6th March 2017
Cheshire: plenty of Volvos
Full Story >>
28th Feburary 2017
Lovely Amazon for sale by Auction
Full Story >>
9th Feburary 2017
Some projects depart
Full Story >>
5th Feburary 2017
In the movies this week...
Full Story >>
27th January 2017
Planned outings for the Volvo(s)
Full Story >>
19th January 2017
Great start to the New Year
Full Story >>
4th January 2017
Happy New Year to all our Volvo enthusiasts! - Brace of 850's for sale
Full Story >>