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19th January 2017
Great start to the New Year
Well, it's been a hectic couple of weeks, and a cracking start to 2017...
  • Chelmsford MC started their 20/20 rally from our unit, only a very little patch of fog on the night.
    Don't be misled by the morose appearance of the competitors in the photo - they're all just being serious and responsible citizens at the briefing.
    • Harvey & Amy were competing in his 144 - she was disappointed to come 11th on her home turf.
      However, she hasn't done a night rally in over a year, so what can you expect?
  • The other photo illustrates our concept of wiring
    • The OE Volvo wiring was superb, and used Bosch kit - ie it's as good today as it was when it left the factory. So unless you have a reason to rewire, then leave it be. If you have to rewire, then use the OE loom that we can still supply.
    • All additional circuits then go onto a dedicated circuit, all mounted on a single board...
      • Isolator switch (LH bottom), noting that this isn't an FIA "ignition off/isolator", merely a means off shutting off all power within the car
      • 32A supply wire from the battery +ve to the busbar
      • 6-way fuse box: 3 supplying +12v circuits; 3 supplyiing IgnOn circuits
      • 5x relay, the first is the IgnOn supply, the 6th is a spare
  • Paul's 144 left us earlier in the week, we had covered over 200miles to confirm that we had sorted its fuelling problems - a combination of an unfeasible amount of debris in the fuel tank, and someone had fitted a later carb with the wrong needle, giving a massively lean mixture.
  • Our delightful 850TDi left today (Harvey's dad coincidentally), I hope we didn't make a mistake upgrading to V70...
  • Hans' 130 is close to delivery now: Emma & Owen spent today sorting out the spares & tools kit.
    Next week CARS will pick it up to head out to Japan for the Samurai event
  • The HRCR show at Gaydon was wonderful last weekend. Emma's PV created a lot of interest with a couple of crews poring over the details.
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