Kevin's Amazon is just about finished, the major task was installing Quaife's ATB into the back axle - this is never a straightforward task, and so it proved this time with the spigot length differing from their spec sheet. This gave us the chance to do a video of how to replace the diff carrier.

Emma's PV544 is back in the workshop having found its way to Immingham from Iceland: I'll get Amy to steam clean the undersides tomorrow...

We're expecting to receive an engine this week: due for a "stock" rebuild - it's always nice to do a simple standard engine!

Amy flew in from Norway on Friday morning after 6w at sea. We were heading up to Immingham so didn't get to see her before Martyn took her West in his Cat4 Astra rally car to compete in HERO's Challenge rally on Saturday. Well, shame it wasn't a Volvo, but here's the clean sweep result that they achieved...

  • 100 entries for the event
  • Martyn got the Test Pilot trophy: ie quickest driver on Special Tests
  • Amy was the best performing navigator, ie least penalties. However Elise got the Clock Watcher's prize - a slight admin error by the organisers!
  • Martyn & Amy, as you can surmise from the above, had least overall penalties for the event. The rally is in fact to encourage newcomers, and so experienced crews do not appear in the overall standings; thus, whilst they had least penalties in practise, it was in fact a newcomer crew that won the event in theory: Les McGuffog and Henry Carr.

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